5.0 Tennis Secrets: What You Need to Know to Play Great Tennis

This ebook has different stroke, learning, training and performance tips, checklists, concepts, definitions, strategy, procedures, techniques and exercises to help you learn and master your tennis game. Practice and improve those techniques with a multitude of effective drills that feature a unique scoring system to gauge and accelerate your progress.

Highly recommended for all tennis players, its psychological aspects, this e-Book covers the fundamentals of the game, plus much, much more! 5.0 tennis secrets will take your performance to new heights in all facets of the game. Get it today!! Master the essential skills, take the court with confidence, and ace the competition! 5.

0 tennis secrets provides in-depth, progressive instruction and accompanying skills for each stroke. It is ideal for tennis players of all levels, from total beginners to tournament competitors. Get this e-book, and gain a deeper insight into playing tennis, plus learn useful techniques to improve your skills.


Absolute Tennis: The Best And Next Way To Play The Game

A forward thinker, Smith not only discusses the strokes of today, but also the future. Recognizing that tennis is a highly athletic, tactical, he also dedicates a large part of the book to the body, and mental game, singles and doubles strategy and the mind. His meticulous explanations of the strokes, coupled with narrated individual and sequenced photos of the world's best players, will help you develop powerful and consistent swings, play with more confidence and win a lot more.

You will learn how to improve your footwork and movement, integrate winning game plans that highlight your strengths and expose your opponents' weaknesses, and use your inner voice to remain focused, positive and energetic, helping you attain peak performance. In this insightful and visually engaging book, marty smith, an ncaa Division I Southern Conference Champion and long-time Director of Tennis at the New York Athletic Club, strategy, shares his extensive knowledge of tennis technique, psychology and fitness in easy to understand language.

. Absolute tennis is thorough and comprehensive guide to improving your tennis. Marty goes through the evolution of the game, and makes a compelling and persuasive case for three unconventional strokes that may become accepted techniques as the game continues to evolve and become faster.

Elite Tennis: A Guide

Based on years of experience as a player, awareness, in depth, and later a teacher of the game, his Principles:Starting youngLearning the learning process--technique, Svetoslav Elenkov answers the question all competitors ask at some point: How do I become a Great tennis player?In this book he'll go over, controlCommunication between you and your bodyFitness & dietThe periodization of Peak performanceDiscipline and consistency in making time.

And to break it down into further detail, professional advice on:How much, Slav gives first-hand, where and what you should practiceSpecialized areas like strategy for singles & doublesTournament preparation and environmental awarenessMonetary costs throughoutThe passion to endureAnd personal anecdotes: 'Lessons from the Tour'.

. If you seek to achieve the very best in the sport of tennis you'll find in Elite Tennis the most important lessons, tips, and perspective that a player will need on that journey.

Tennis Strategy- Quick-Fix Book: How to Beat Any Style Player

How to beat any style player, singles or doubles. Overall, this book is designed to save you time, improve practice sessions, free your mind and emotions from blocking the flow of your body, and give you the instantaneous tactical wisdom to consistently win! . The strategy section provides potent tactics on how to beat any style player including, counter-puncher, pusher, a great returner, hacker-slicer, aggressive baseliner, Singles: how to beat a big server, and all-court player.

3. Understanding different styles of players. The book is the culmination of 38 years coaching, years of seeking uncommon knowledge, 000 hours on-court experience, 50, and decades of creating the most efficient and effective methods to help students find their best fast! The book has 3 main sections: 1.

The mental toughness section uniquely redefines attitudes regarding winning and losing, mistakes, choking, pressure, competition, fear, and adversity to teach you how to play up to and stretch the upper limits of your ability. Doubles: how to beat big serving teams, one up one back teams, poaching teams, lobbing teams, teams that control the net, great returning teams, and teams with one hot player.

The tips are pointed, cut right to the chase, are in layman’s terms and summarized into powerful bullet point sections for instant access. 2. Note: this book was edited, revised and updated with the most current statistical analytics IBM on winning patterns of play, targets, and how beat any style player tactics in Dec 2018.

This quick-fix book gives you the tactics and mental philosophy to beat any style player, singles or doubles.

Winning Singles Strategy for Recreational Tennis Players: 140 Tips and Tactics for Transforming Your Game

It focuses on playing tennis strategically, which is the quickest and best way to raise your game to the next level. That’s why it becomes a lifetime passion for so many of us. All you have to do is hit the ball over the net and inside the lines one time more than your opponent does and you win the point.

Eight out of 10 points—and often more—end because you or your opponent hit the ball into the net or outside the lines. When we come out of top in a match, we like to think that we won. If you can’t hit the ball over the net and inside the lines, the rest doesn’t really matter. Later, when you’re hitting the ball well, it’s fun to keep working on your shots.

You don’t need to apply all of them; use only the concepts that work for you. This book is not about how to hit the tennis ball. Early on you improve rapidly, but then the pace levels off. Is it any wonder, then, that about 80 percent of points in a recreational match end with an unforced error? That’s right.

Adding another layer of complexity, most of us model our games on professional tennis players. The catch is we don’t have unbelievable hand-eye coordination and don’t practice eight hours a day. We want to play like that.

Top 5 Strategies and Tactics for Winning Tennis: Move Away from Confusion, Embrace Your Style, and Win those Matches Your Previously Lost

Do you sometimes feel like you are playing the wrong game for you? Do you switch strategies often in a match? Or you are just trying to keep the ball in? This book solves that problem, and helps you to know the five best ways to win. Using this book, you will discover how to prioritize your A, B, and maybe your C strategies, keeping them organzied.

. A logical progression of development is examined, discussed and debated. This book can be a great conversation starter for players, coaches, and parents who seek to the best possible strategic fit for the physical, mental and emotional attributes of the player. Also, and when you purchase that it comes with two other books inside! If you purchased this book prior to November 28th, you can find the print version of this book, 2014, please contact me for the updated version.

This book provides a foundational strategic template for players to identify their best strategies and to branch out to become complete players.

Master Your Tennis Game: 50 Mental Strategies and Tactics

Focus your mind and win the match with these highly effective mental strategies for honing your tennis skills. Train your brain and be the best tennis player you can be. Concise, fun, and easy to read, this book offers 50 practical and actionable methods that show you how to stay calm and concentrate during any tennis game.

Master your tennis game serves up quick mental techniques, tactics, and tips for boosting your overall performance and beating your opponents. Get the advantage—mental strategies for acing tennis. Get your head in the game. Even if your rival is tough competition, outsmart them with these targeted mental approaches.

Master your tennis game includes:streamlined strategies—From choosing your mood music to analyzing your opponent’s play style, apply these easy-to-understand tactics to your tennis game right away. Overpower any opponent—Find techniques for beating common play styles, left-hander, including aggressive baseliner, and more.

Popular player profiles—from Serena Williams to Roger Federer, learn all about your favorite tennis pros and their strategies, too! The ball is in your court.

The Art of Doubles: Winning Tennis Strategies and Drills

Author pat blaskower is your personal coach, much more! the book also includes detailed court diagrams that show you how to execute offense, defense, guiding and encouraging you and your partner to play winning tennis by showing you how to:   • choose a compatible partner   • determine your jobs on the court   • learn poaching skills   • communicate with each other and opposing teams   • maintain mental toughness   • use various formations and strategies   • pick your shots intelligently   • decide where to play: tournaments or leagues   • and much, and tactical plays; checklists that summarize the most important points of each chapter; and on-court drills to help you improve and refine your skills.

Take your doubles game to the next level!whether you're trying to improve your doubles game or are just getting started playing tennis with a partner, The Art of Doubles is the book for you. The art of doubles is loaded with practical, proven tennis strategies that you can put to work immediately to see improvements in your own doubles game!


Winning Doubles Strategy for Recreational Tennis Players

And they appear to know where you are going to hit the ball, waiting there to put it away. You can be one of those players. While there are numerous doubles strategies, the most effective for recreational players is to avoid unforced errors. Knowing where to hit the ball and where to move will have a bigger impact on your game than adding a few miles per hour to your serve or working on your drop volley.

The server has spun the serve wide to your backhand, pulling you outside the doubles sideline. All of us have been in those situations where your partner and you are each individually better than either of your opponents, but they beat you every time because they play together. With one shot, you steal the serving team’s advantage and give your team the opportunity to take the offensive.

On the following pages, you will learn how to adapt the concepts of strategic tennis to every situation you face on the doubles court. You hit your first serve too hard and it plows straight into the net. You smash your overhead and it hits the back fence on the fly. When you play strategically, you don’t have to try that hard.

They move as one, cutting off your angles. You drive your return down the line and it lands wide. The primary cause of unforced errors is trying to do too much with the ball.

The Best Tennis of Your Life: 50 Mental Strategies For Fearless Performance

Author jeff greenwald draws from his unique background as a world-class player, sports psychology consultant, psychotherapist, and former coach to provides 50 specific tools you can immediately apply in any match situation. This comprehensive guide will show you how to:   • embrace nerves and play even better under pressure   • maintain confidence to win more consistently   • Develop a pin-point focus   • Access an ideal level of intensity   • Play with a renewed sense of passion and freedom Why wait any longer to play the best tennis of your life? Get the mental edge with this invaluable resource and watch your game soar.

. Play with Freedom. And win more!the best tennis of your Life is an inspirational and practical guide that will help players of all levels finally master the mental game.

7 On Court Strategies to Experience Your Play State: How to Win Every Time You Play

Styrling's new book, 7 on court strategies to experience Your 'Play State', opens the possibility to explore your game from his perspective of winning on the inside to truly appreciate the win on the scoreboard. This book contains 7 creative and practical strategies to lead you towards feeling and performing your best as well as enjoying every moment of your practices and competitive matches.

Discovering how to win every time you play may seem like a daunting task but it's actually well within your reach. You'll find yourself reflecting on when you lose a tennis match, it actually creates an incredible opportunity for you to carve out a formula to win more often.