Cut and Died A Rainy Day Mystery Book 8

A winter storm brings more than just snow to Rainy’s doorstep. He manages to make his way to Rainy’s, where he is soon introduced to the townsfolk in Latney. Even if he doesn’t want it. Because she knows what charges he’s up against and who’s leveling them. And especially when Sheriff Lewis accuses him of a crime he didn’t commit.

With mack stranded in latney and holed up in her house, Rainy must put her own pressing personal issues on the backburner to help her former boss. But as charming as the town appears to be, Mack soon discovers all is not as it seems in the tiny town Rainy relocated to…especially when his car disappears from the side of the road.

And she knows sheriff lewis will do whatever it takes to make those charges stick…especially if it means he can take down Rainy, too. It also brings mack mercy, her former boss at Capitol Cases, and a whole heap of trouble. Coming home from a conference, Mack’s car skids off an icy road during the storm.


Sour Grapes A Rainy Day Mystery Book 9

Rainy might own a farm, but she doesn’t know a thing about cows. Mikey, her favorite chef at the Wicked Wich, is striking out on his own, opening a restaurant in nearby Winslow. And far more dangerous. Rainy is determined to figure out who stole the cow and return it to its rightful owner before the big day.

With time running out, rainy dives in head first and soon realizes that finding the cow and the thief will be trickier than she anticipated. But it turns out there’s a long list of suspects who might want to sabotage Mikey’s new venture, suspects who might just do anything to ensure his restaurant is a failure.

But when the world’s largest cow statue he’s erected for the front of the restaurant goes missing, it threatens to throw his entire venture into chaos. Especially when one goes missing and she’s enlisted to help find it.

Last Straw A Rainy Day Mystery Book 7

Christmas is right around the corner and bells are definitely ringing. Tensions are high, especially with Gunnar's ex-wife in town for the holidays, and Rainy’s own blossoming relationship with Declan. But now more than ever, Rainy must decide who her friends are. And just how far she’s willing to go to help them.

Alarm bells. Rainy day thinks she has the perfect holiday planned…until Sheriff Lewis shows up with a search warrant for her property. But she can’t hide it for long. Because before she knows it, the sheriff accuses Gunnar of the very crime he suspected her of. With all that has happened between Gunnar and Rainy, she must decide if she can set aside the past and step up to help her handsome next-door neighbor.

. Determined to keep this latest skirmish from her visiting children, Rainy does her best to keep them in the dark.

Bale Out A Rainy Day Mystery Book 6

Simon’s, she must also find a way to resolve the mixed feelings she has about the men she’s become close to since moving to her Virginia farm. Literally. As she seeks to unravel the mystery at St. It’s a month before christmas, and Rainy Day feels like everything is going up in smoke. But someone isn’t on board and sabotages the attempts being made to salvage the beloved church.

Because tensions are running high, and if she’s not careful, her entire life might be set ablaze. Up in smoke. Because not only is her relationship with Gunnar looking like a pile of burnt ashes, but Declan’s church is, too. After a winter storm badly damages the building, the town must come together to rebuild.

. When one of the townspeople accuses Declan of being the culprit, Rainy must decide who she believes. And just how far she’ll go to protect a friend. But rainy has other problems, too.

One Bad Egg A Rainy Day Mystery Book 5

And when a murder occurs in town, with someone she knows as the prime suspect, she quickly realizes that this will be a Thanksgiving unlike any she’s ever experienced before. If she can survive the chaos. But living in latney has a way of complicating even the best-laid plans, especially when Rainy Day is involved.

Because before she knows it, the Thanksgiving holiday suddenly becomes anything but relaxing. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Rainy is looking forward to everything the holiday has to offer: good food, great desserts, and the company of family. Between relationship issues with Gunnar and unexpected dinner guests—who somehow keep multiplying—her idyllic holiday begins to disintegrate before her very eyes.


School of Murder A Moose River Mystery Book 8

But after a scavenger hunt goes wrong and the family finds a student dead in a dormitory, Daisy decides it’s time to do some serious studying…of the crime. After all, it’s a free vacation, and a chance to check out a part of the state they’ve never visited. When emily, daisy’s eldest daughter, makes plans to visit a college in northern Minnesota, the whole family decides to tag along to check out the campus and take part in the weekend festivities.

They got a dead body instead. And as she closes in on the real suspect, something else turns out to be true. Despite the flurry of planned activities, Daisy finds time to talk to plenty of students and faculty members, and she soon learns something: each of them had a clear motive to commit murder. College really can be murder.

Daisy savage and her family were promised a weekend of fun at Northwoods University.

Planting Evidence A Rainy Day Mystery Book 4

It’s figuring out which one of her new friends is the culprit. After six months in her new home and her new town, she’s ready to focus on something other than solving crimes…like her budding relationship with Gunnar Forsythe, her handsome next-door neighbor. Dead bodies, burned-down buildings, a kidnapping…Rainy thinks she’s seen it all in the small town of Latney.

. But then money goes missing from one of the town’s most revered organizations and the people of Latney turn to Rainy for help. The clock is ticking because the fall Festival, one of the town’s most-loved annual events, won’t go on if the money isn’t found. As rainy dives into the clues left behind, she soon realizes that finding a suspect isn’t a problem.

Despite her wishes, she’s coerced into investigating the theft.

Crack Of Death A Rainy Day Mystery Book 3

She knows someone is lying to her about their involvement in the death. The inept sheriff lewis soon attempts to implicate Rainy in the person's death, even though she’s never met them before. Rainy immediately begins looking into the victim's life in order to clear her own name, and soon finds more than a few folks who might have wanted the person dead.

With the sheriff breathing down her back, Rainy knows she needs to act fast if she wants to avoid being a suspect herself and salvage summer…and her innocence. There’s just one problem. Rainy is enjoying her first slice of summer in Latney. Until a dead body disrupts her plans. Tasked with doing a favor for Pastor Declan Murphy, Rainy stumbles upon the body of one of his elderly congregants.

She just can’t figure out who. The more rainy digs, the more potential culprits she discovers.

When The Rooster Kills A Rainy Day Mystery Book 2

Small towns like big stories. And rainy day is right in the middle of one. As new suspects come to light, Rainy worries that the woman might never be found and that an innocent person will stand accused. Soon enough, she is surrounded by people who are sneaking around and struggling with telling her the truth.

Rainy reluctantly lets herself be drawn into searching for the woman. Rainy is settling into her new life in the small town of Latney, but when a young woman goes missing, she finds herself thrown in the spotlight again. Because the townspeople turn to her for help. Can she find the missing woman before it’s too late?


National Maul A Capitol Cases Mystery Book 2

But when prescott insists that someone is trying to kill him, Mack reluctantly agrees to look into it…especially since there’s a big fat paycheck involved. Suspects are coming out of the woodwork, and suddenly Mack realizes that Prescott’s worries might actually be justified. The man has left a swath of burned bridges and soured relationships in his wake, with plenty of people for Mack to investigate.

Not just because prescott’s life might actually be at stake, but because his might be, too. Mack digs into the details of the case and soon realizes that he’s not the only one who despises Prescott. If there's anything Mack Mercy hates more than politics, it's politicians. As he uncovers more clues and ominous connections, Mack knows he needs to act fast.

So when former classmate prescott Martin, calls him with a problem, a Virginia politician, Mack is reluctant to meet with him. They were never friends in high school and Mack has zero desire to reunite or help.

Dead on Arrival A Capitol Cases Mystery Book 1

Mack mercy never turns down a case. When his latest office manager quits, mack jumps at the chance to avoid doing the one thing he needs to do: hire a replacement at Capitol Cases, the PI firm he’s owned for twenty years. Glen pulaski, a new client, has an easy task for Mack, and the perfect diversion to his hiring woes: find out if Glen's wife is having an affair.

But when mack goes to the pulaski home to get more information from Glen, he finds the man that hired him dead on arrival. Despite the lack of evidence, he digs in…and keeps digging, even when there is nothing to suggest foul play. Because there is one thing Mack Mercy has learned after two decades of private investigator work.

Nothing is ever as it seems. All signs point to an accidental death, but Mack isn’t so sure.