I’m definitely going on the naughty list this year, and Graham Steele put me there. It’s all good, i take that big lump of coal, and turn it into an opportunity to get my homemade soaps into Mountain Goat Resort. If i can nail this deal, everything will be merry and bright. I just need to convince Graham Steele, the owner.

After losing my job, they’re downright depressing. Things veer out of control when I end up nailing a sexy stranger at the resort the night before my big meeting. It was only supposed to be one night of bliss before my big meeting. Before i know it, i’ve got a fake fiancé and twelve days to spend pretending with his family.

And i never expected his counter proposal. A fake engagement. The holidays are not jolly this year. But, i never expected to run into my one-night stand the next morning as I pitched my proposal.

Cold Hearted Baller

I can’t focus. And to make matters worse she’s affecting my game. I play ball, not chase after a woman I barely know. If you find something you think about more than baseball, destroy it. Read superstition one—I don’t do this sort of thing. She thinks I’m the devil. I have three superstitions I live by:1.

Be cold-hearted. I’m becoming a borderline stalker. Something needs to give, and it won’t be me. I can’t hit. I can’t pitch. Like, obsess over the color of her panties or if I can make her blush. Obviously, when she said she hoped I had a losing season, I had to meet her and get her to take the words back.

Now, she’s making me do insane things. 3. Calliope Thomas is one of those things. And i have to say she makes me want to sin. Ever since she left a bad review on the Max Energy Drink I endorse, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her. But, i am, and she wants nothing to do with me. Don’t jinx a no-hitter while one’s in progress.

Love Doctor

Let’s just say, i'm taking some creative liberties with him…Don't worry, he'll never know. I should just quit, find a new job, but now I have another plan. But, now I have a new problem. Rose~i'm just about ready to publish my first novel: Love Doctor. From usa today bestselling author Logan Chance comes a fresh new romantic comedy about an author and her overbearing boss.

. I can't stop thinking about him. There’s one small problem—besides the fact it's scary to put yourself out there—my boss, Dr. He just doesn’t know it yet. Write what you know, right? This six-foot hotter than magma boss of mine is going to educate me on how to write hotter scenes. Sin- rhymes with rock was my muse.


Bride The Deceit Duet Book One

I won’t fall for his charm. He’s used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is me—as his bride. Here comes the bride, all dressed in lies. I won’t give in to Gabriel’s undeniable sex appeal. I promise to make his billionaire life miserable until he has no choice but to get rid of me. Happy wife, happy life? I’ll let him think that.

From usa today bestselling author, Logan Chance, comes a powerfully spell-binding enemies to lovers duet ready to capture your heart. He won’t lift my veil of secrets. Love and cherish are not in Gabriel Prince’s vocabulary.

Groom The Deceit Duet Book Two

The ruler of my bedroom. Clementine may be beautiful, but she defies me at every turn. Marry clementine Bright or watch your carefully crafted kingdom crumble. I'm the king of my castle. And even though i may want to have and to hold her, I know I'll just have to fight that feeling 'til death do us part. Well played.

I'll say my i do's and pretend to be the doting husband, but this is one union I want no part of. Well played, Grandfather. From usa today bestselling Author Logan Chance comes the gripping conclusion of The Deceit Duet. You must read briDE before reading GROOM.

The NewlyFEDS

Will these newlyfeds be able to catch the bad guys, or get caught under cover first? Now a top 100 amazon bestsellerfrom usa today bestselling author, comes a laugh-out-loud fake relationship, Logan Chance, enemies-to-lovers standalone romantic comedy. Addison buckley has one thing she wants—a promotion.

A few touches, a few kisses, no problem. The only thing standing in his way is fresh off the desk bombshell in heels, Special Agent Addison Buckley. And a money laundering mob boss who’s about to go down. The only thing standing in her way is egotistical and tattooed hottie, Vin Mills. Sweet job. Rock hard abs.

How deep undercover will these two go to catch the bad guy?Special Agent Vin Mills has everything he’s ever wanted. The department wants them to pose as newlyweds and blend with the residents in one of the most prestigious and nosy neighborhoods in Colorado. Saying and doing are two different things, and this is one game of espionage these two rivals never bargained for.

Buns you can bounce a coin off of. She’s just destined to screw everything up.

CHECKED Boston Terriers Hockey Book 1

When we find ourselves at a wedding, I know I can finally check this tattooed, drunk and flirting, bad boy, hockey player off my wish list. One night is all it was meant to be, until I see two pink lines on the pregnancy test. They call him ‘Wilde Man’. Rumor has it he’s an animal on the ice and between the sheets.

Like the rest of the female population, the captain of Boston University’s hockey team, I’ve been crushing on Clancy Wilde, since the first time I saw him. How did the notch on my belt turn into a ball and chain? Big, and charming, blond, he ticks all the boxes.

The Marriage Dare: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

She dares me to go through with the wedding, swearing she'll never love me. But i've always been good at getting what I want. And i want her to be mine— forever. So i'll take her bet. When we were childhood neighbors, she bullied me. She was rich. I was poor. Years later, thanks to my skills at poker, things have flipped.

Too bad she's broke. When i see her across the table in my casino, looking tempting as sin, I know I have to have her. Desperate for a win, she offers me something she isn't prepared to give:Her hand in marriage. When i show her my winning cards, she's furious. I've turned into a billionaire and she. She's turned into a beautiful woman.



She's sweet and feisty and determined to get under my skin in every way imaginable. Now, i have something new to focus on. Hard. Her. Nothing in life is easy. And by hard, I mean, well. I shouldn't even be thinking about her. Coming back to sell my childhood home should've been easy. Especially when Catherine Wells is determined to make it hard.

I should just walk away. They call me a heartbreaker but they've never met Catherine Wells.

Accidental Rebel: A Marriage Mistake Romance

Why didn't anyone warn me some knots can't be untied?From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow - a high stakes marriage mistake with a twist. Now for the catch. I didn't even say "I do. One crank call and I'm insta-wife to a tattooed behemoth and mother to his kids. He's paying my idiot boss a fortune for the perfect lie.

Because trouble found Miller Rush, and he found me. A rock hard, overprotective rebel with a cause. Father of the century. Abs wound tighter than his attitude. A broodylicious bull stomping around my house, barking orders. Something's got to give, okay?But it won't be me. Not my courage, even when my nosy mother smells drama.

Not my heart set on helping two little angels and their perma-grump dad. Definitely not my body screaming Mayday because his bedroom eyes are magnets. Deep breath. It's only a few weeks. It's only a whole mess of freaky secrets. It's only pretend and I'm so not letting Miller run off with my heart.

We All Fall Down

But i definitely am. She looks at me like I’m a good man. More and more, I have to fight the urge to devour her. I’m a wolf garbed in cop’s clothing, hiding secrets beneath my badge. I shouldn’t be lusting after her soft curves, or craving her sweet lips. I’m definitely not. Now a top 50 amazon Best Seller "Love can cost you everything.

Bella hattie is young, beautiful, and unpredictable as Florida sunshine. Things are not going according to plan. She definitely wasn’t supposed to ask me to kiss her. She’s making me forget why I’m here, making me feel like I need to protect her. And i sure as hell wasn't supposed to do it. When what she really needs to be protected from is me.

She wasn’t supposed to get under my skin.