Kites Beginning literacy

Scholastic - Bold, colorful illustrations with large print text about flying kites.

Well Done, Worm!: Brand New Readers

Candlewick - Kids will want to collect them all!Visit www. Brandnewreaders. Com to learn more about this unique series! Each title in this unique series includes four high-quality, full-color, 8-page paperback books in a sturdy slipcase. Readers ages 4-7 can master Brand New Readers immediately-even the first time through.

Brand new readers are funny and appealing stories, irresistibly packaged, and just right for first-time readers. Every child can read Brand New Readers! Guaranteed. Based on what experts know about how children learn to read, Brand New Readers are short, funny stories with words and pictures that help children reading for the very first time succeed-and have fun!Brand New Readers are for children who are just cracking the reading code.

Mouse Has Fun: Brand New Readers

Candlewick - In these stories designed to help children learn to read on their own, Mouse has fun-with a few bumps along the way. Contains:picnicIt's Super MouseCat and MousePizza.

Is It Dark? is It Light?

Scholastic Inc. -

School High-Frequency Readers, Book 1

Scholastic Inc. - Book 1 of high-frequency Readers written by Gay Su Pinnell and illustrated by Peggy Tagel.

I Went Walking

HMH Books for Young Readers - The boy sees a black cat, then a red cow, then a brown horse, for example, he’s being trailed by the entire menagerie! The Australian illustrator Julie Vivas brings the parade to life in lovely, and before he knows it, lively watercolors—when the pink pig looks at the boy, and so on, the boy sprays off his muddy body with a hose.

I went walking. What did you see?I saw a black catLooking at me. Big type, repetition, friendly art, clean design—and the visual guessing game created by introducing each animal only partially at first—make this beloved tale a winner at story time. These catchy stanzas frolic through the Australian author Sue Williams’s simple, funny read-aloud picture book that tracks a crazy-haired boy’s stroll through the countryside.

Lunch High-Frequency Readers, Book 2

Scholastic - 2000 high-frequency readers book 2: lunch p written by gay su pinnell / Illustrated by David Bamundo ***ISBN-13: 9780439131865 ***8 Pages.

Being Me A Rookie Reader

Scholastic, Inc. -

It's Too Windy! Hello Reader!, Level 1

Scholastic Inc. - Original. When the wind causes the baby's carriage to get pushed down the hill, one courageous puppy must chase after it in order to save its passenger from his wild and windy ride.

Millions of Snowflakes

Clarion Books - Simple rhyming text captures the joy of a winter afternoon while teaching basic counting skills. Bundled in her warmest snowsuit, tasting each flake as it falls on her tongue, she savors the snow, and makes snow angels. Exuberant pastel illustrations invite young readers to join the fun. One little snowflake falls on my nose.

It makes me shiver from my head to my toes. A little girl plays outside on a cold winter day, counting each snowflake as it falls softly to the ground.

And I Mean It, Stanley

HarperCollins - But who is stanley anyway? What a mystery! Until the great thing is almost complete, that is. A little girl builds a "truly great thing" out of junk. Her friend Stanley is nowhere to be found. Then, it's playtime, and there's just no stopping Stanley.