Mercury Free Thermometer Probe Covers Only 100/box

R G MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS - Probe cover for the mercury free thermometer #7372. 100 per box.

Mercury-Free, Glass, Oral Thermometer C/F

R.G. Medical 20010 - Easy to disinfect or sterilize. Extensive studies have confirmed the safety of this alloy for humans as well as the environment. The geratherm magnatherm glass Thermometer was featured on the CBS Early Show where BehindtheBuy. Coms david gregg shared the latest in fever measuring gadgets, calling them A Higher Degree of Thermometer.

Place thermometer under the tongue for a minimum of 3 minutes. Formal clinical trials at Oregon Health and Science University recognized the precise accuracy of these German made thermometers. First grasp the top of the thermometer and shake with a snapping motion of the wrist, repeating until the line is well below 98.

Mercury-Free, Glass, Oral Thermometer C/F - 6 degrees Fahrenheit. Bilingual English/Spanish packaging and instructions. Dual scale Fahrenheit and Celsius. Wipe clean with alcohol swab before storing. Proven clinical accuracy. Replace thermometer in magnifying glass to view temperature. The instructions also come in both English and Spanish so everyone is able to use the thermometer with ease and accuracy.

Easy to read.

ADC AD416100 Adult's ADTEMP Digital Therm Sheaths box of 100 Standard

A.D.C - The adc ad416100 adtemp sheaths slide over oral thermometers for sanitation and protection. Dual scale - Fahrenheit & Celsius. Protective case included. Box of 100 . Mercury free- non-toxic substitute for mercury, trademarked as Galinstan®. Box of 100 Fits most digital thermometers.

Geratherm Mercury Free Oral Glass Thermometer

R G MEDICALISES 614801200301 - Environmentally friendly. Thermometer oral mercuryfree size: 1 dual scale - Fahrenheit & Celsius. Box of 100 Mercury free- non-toxic substitute for mercury, trademarked as Galinstan®. Protective case included. Fits most digital thermometers.