Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless: 100 Surprising Vegetarian Meals Straight from the Oven

Plus here’s how to make chips Sesame-Miso Kale Chips, polenta, risottos, pot pies, vegetable braises, pizzas, granola. The magic of sheet pan suppers is back, and everyone who’s interested in adding delicious, flexitarians, bringing its inspired one-pan approach to vegetarians, those following a gluten-free diet, vegans, meatless meals to their repertoire.

How to cook soups, chickpea and squash stew with crispy Tofu, and Sweet Potato, salads, Arugula, and stews in a sheet pan—including Roasted Tomato Gazpacho with Toasty Croutons, and Pecan Salad. And never has cooking on a sheet pan been so creative. Not only is cooking on a sheet pan incredibly easy and convenient, baking, or broiling—that intensify flavors, but it uses three techniques—roasting, resulting in vegetable-forward cooking that has never tasted so good.

 . Here’s how to cook pasta in a sheet pan—like No-Boil Mac and Cheese or Orzo with Pan-Roasted Tomatoes, Lemon, and Mozzarella. Amazingly convenient, sheet pan suppers Meatless reinvents plant-based cooking, amazingly versatile, amazingly tasty, making it easy for everyone to put vegetables front and center at the family meal.

And desserts, of course, from a Pear Galette to Dulce de Leche Pumpkin Squares to an incredible vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Sheet Pan Suppers: 120 Recipes for Simple, Surprising, Hands-Off Meals Straight from the Oven

Plus surprise extras, dessert—stone fruit slab pie, including in-a-snap party snacks—Baked Brie and Strawberries, Corn and Crab Cakes with Yogurt Aioli; quick brunch dishes like Greens and Eggs and Ham, and Baked Apricot French Toast; and, of course, Halloween Candy S’mores. Meatless meals—Israeli Couscous-Stuffed Peppers.

In other words, a revelation that will change the way we cook. Workman Publishing. Maximum ease, minimal cleanup, and mouthwatering recipes. The virtue of cooking on a sheet pan is two-fold. It’s sheet pan suppers—a breakthrough full-color cookbook with more than 120 recipes for complete meals, and even dessert, that require nothing more than a sheet pan, your oven, snacks, brunch, and Molly Gilbert’s inspired approach.

But the real genius here is Molly Gilbert’s fresh, sophisticated approach. Then there’s the cooking method—roasting, food tastes better when cooked on a sheet pan move over, or broiling—three techniques that intensify flavors; in other words, baking, slow cooker. There are easy dinners for weeknight meals—chicken Legs with Fennel and Orange; Soy-Mustard Salmon and Broccoli; Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Squash, Apples, and Onions.

Special occasion meals—rack of Lamb with Herby Bread Crumbs and Buttered Carrots; Asparagus and Black Cod in Parchment. First there’s the convenience of cooking everything together and having just one pan to clean up. It’s the one-pot meal reinvented, and what is sure to become every busy cook’s new favorite way of getting dinner on the table.

Sheet Pan: Delicious Recipes for Hands-Off Meals

Featuring healthy, flavorful, and complete meals assembled and cooked on a simple sheet pan, this cookbook offers great dinner solutions for busy cooks. Sheet pan cookbook features 50 recipes, each a complete meal, with a diverse range of ingredients and flavor combinations. This straightforward approach to cooking maximizes ease and flavor.

Recipes include: moroccan spiced lamb chops with vegetable kebabs spicy asian chicken wings with broccoli & paprika-spiced cauliflower Miso-glazed Mahi Mahi with sugar snap peas Eggplant, tofu & green bean sheet fry Brussels sprout & potato hash with thyme & grapes Garlic parmesan shrimp with asparagus fries Swordfish saltimbocca with sage & walnuts Citrus-rubbed chicken thighs with fennel & eggs Workman Publishing.

Weldon Owen.

Vegetarian Sheet Pan Cooking: 101 recipes for simple and nutritious meat-free meals straight from the oven

Taking their lead from dishes enjoyed all around the world, recipes include delicious dishes from the Mediterranean, Africa, Middle East, and The Americas as well as ideas designed to showcase your own local seasonal produce. What’s not to love about sheet pan cooking? it is super-convenient, healthy, big on flavor!More and more of us are cutting out animal protein and products from our diets, easy on the washing up and, as Liz Franklin proves here in 101 inspired meat-free recipes, or at very least reducing them.

Liz franklin reveals how all manner of the truly scrumptious dishes can be created when oven, sheet pan, and vegetables conspire. Weldon Owen. Most of the recipes are built on a rainbow of roasted vegetables, and vegan sources of protein, grains, but there are also recipes for things you might not associate with oven cooking too—fabulous fritters, cheese, glorious soups, and the best-ever baked porridge.

Workman Publishing.

One Pan & Done: Hassle-Free Meals from the Oven to Your Table: A Cookbook

Workman Publishing. The author of the runaway hit sheet Pan Suppers expands her repertoire with easy and delicious recipes for dutch ovens, skillets, casserole baking dishes, and more. In one pan & done, of course, rich stews, succulent vegetables, Molly Gilbert shows you how to use your oven to your advantage, crispy roasts, flaky fish, letting it do most of the work to turn out juicy, and, sweet treats.

Kick the oven door shut as you walk away—your meal is One Pan & Done. Clarkson Potter Publishers. Weldon Owen. Think of it as fast slow-cooking, and broiling for concentrated, roasting, but with the benefits of baking, intense flavor every time. Whether you’re an over-scheduled parent, a busy young professional, or even an accomplished cook, you deserve food that’s big on flavor, but simple on steps.

With molly’s recipes, you get in the kitchen, and you get out. The best part is that with molly’s simple, hands-off recipes, you’ll have time to savor your meal and enjoy your company.

Good Housekeeping Sheet Pan Cooking: 70 Easy Recipes Good Food Guaranteed

Workman Publishing. Delicious meals, quickly and easily. Weldon Owen. There’s something to satisfy everyone in the crowd: enjoy delectable light Chicken Parm, BBQ Chickpea and Cauliflower Flatbreads with Avocado Mash, Pepper-Crusted Steak with Roasted Veggies, for a yummy finish, and, Fish ‘n’ Chips, Pumpkin Slab Pie.

And made with just one pan for fast cleanup! Weeknight dinner has just become wonderfully easy! With these scrumptious triple-tested recipes, tasty, all you need is one sheet pan to cook foolproof, and healthy meals. Clarkson Potter Publishers. Along with the recipes, there’s advice on how to care for your sheet pan and a variety of surefire cooking methods for delicious perfection every time.


Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy: Down Home Classics for Vegetarians and the Meat Eaters Who Love Them

The book features phillips’s most cherished entrees from her childhood made both with and without meat: Chicken Fried Steak becomes Chicken Fried Seitan Steak. Clarkson Potter Publishers. She gives down-home side dishes a makeover by removing meat, and offers soul-satisfying, adding interna­tional spices, irresistible desserts that triumph over the meat-eater-versus-vegetarian divide, and updating cooking techniques, every time.

Abrams. Phillips found a way to make Southern food that everyone can enjoy, wherever they are on their culinary journey. In phillips's household, greens were made with pork, and it wasn’t Sunday without fried chicken. So she had to transform the way she cooks. Workman Publishing. Damaris phillips is a southern chef in love with an ethical vegetarian.

Weldon Owen. Loaded potato and bacon Soup is now Loaded Potato and Facon Soup. In southern girl meets vegetarian boy, phillips shares 100 recipes that embody the modern Southern kitchen: food that retains all its historic comfort and flavor, but can now be enjoyed by vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.

200 Best Sheet Pan Meals: Quick and Easy Oven Recipes One Pan, No Fuss!

This book show how to make great meals more conveniently using a single sheet pan. 200 best sheet pan meals is simple, fast, and ideal for any home cook pressed for time. All that is needed is a sheet pan, an oven, and expert instructions and recipes from Camilla Saulsbury for creating some of these extraordinary meals and desserts.

. Clarkson Potter Publishers. Weldon Owen. Robert Rose. Abrams. The chapters are: the 25 extra-simple pantry meals -- green eggs and ham strata, pesto chicken thighs with roasted baby carrots, chili-glazed tofu with asparagus rice and frittata great fish and seafood main dishes include Coconut Lime Fish and Roasted Plaintains For poultry dishes, Oven-Fried Rice and Flatbread Mini Pizzas The Meatless Main Dishes -- vegetarian and vegan favorites like Persian Rice-Stuffed Butternut Squash, Rosemary Chicken with Balsamic-Roasted Brussel Sprouts or Dijon Chicken with Crisp Parsnip Fries give humble chicken a whole new twist The sweets with a simple sheet pan are simply sumptuous -- from Chewy Coconut Trail Mix Bars and Sour Cream Vanilla Pound Cake to Cinnamon Sugar Phyllo Fruit Crisp.

These 200 recipes allow for individual ingredients to intensify flavors, and clean up is a breeze. Workman Publishing.

Sheet Pan Magic: One Pan, One Meal, No Fuss!

Sue quinn is the expert at simple, economical family cooking and her recipes cover every meal of the day – all in one tray. You can make entire family dinners just in a sheet pan – everything from risotto to roasted vegetable salads to Mediterranean chicken, and of course, delectable cakes. With straightforward instructions and no-nonsense tips and tricks for getting the most flavor out of your cooking, not only will you have everyday meal solutions but less mess in the kitchen afterwards! Workman Publishing.

Clarkson Potter Publishers. Move over one-pot, this is the easiest way to make fast, tasty meals in the oven. Abrams. Robert Rose. Weldon Owen.

One Pan, Whole Family: More than 70 Complete Weeknight Meals

Fast, takes her tried-and-true cooking methods and delivers 70 incredible, author of the go-to One Pan, Two Plates cookbooks, deliciously nutritious family meals—minus the cleanup! Carla Snyder, reliable recipes that everyone—including the kids—will love. And to top it off, they're all made in one pan and ready to eat in 45 minutes or less! Each one is perfect for a family that might have little time to cook but big appetites after busy days at work, soccer practice, school, dance lessons, and more.

Weldon Owen. Clarkson Potter Publishers. Abrams. Recipes range from vegetables and chicken to beef and pork not to mention some delectable seafood dishes and include beverage pairings both for the grown-ups and the under-twenty-ones, which makes preparing an enticing dinner every night a whole lot easier. Workman Publishing.

Robert Rose.

The Moosewood Restaurant Table: 250 Brand-New Recipes from the Natural Foods Restaurant That Revolutionized Eating in America

Weldon Owen. Workman Publishing. Including a healthy number of both vegan and gluten-free recipes, The Moosewood Restaurant Table is the next classic from the restaurant that revolutionized natural eating in the US. We're just eating in it. Christine muhlke, moosewood, the new york timesthe creators of America’s beloved natural foods restaurant, their new book with over 250 brand new, are back with The Moosewood Restaurant Table, never-before-published recipes.

Clarkson Potter Publishers. All this experimentation has led them to some great new recipes:Two Potato Tomato CurryCashew-Crusted Chickpea BurgersCuban Picadillo with TofuPot Pies for AutumnWinter and SpringButternut LatkesJamaican Jerk Tempeh Pattiesand plenty more. Of course, a moosewood cookbook wouldn’t be complete without desserts like Turkish Coffee Brownies, Orange Pistachio Cornmeal Cake or Cherry Tomato Upside Down Cake to mention just a few.

It's moosewood's world. Abrams. As they say “we’ve gotten to know our customers and readers pretty well… their curiosity and culinary IQ have grown exponentially. We’ve been on some adventures developing this book…” Indeed, working with some less common fruits and vegetables that you might find in your CSA, they have, like Romanesco broccoli and watermelon radishes.

Robert Rose.