Twin Tempt: An MFM Menage Military Romance

- She knows how I can make some easy money. The only problem?I have to risk everything. It looks like easy gig at a sketchy roadhouse just out of Army bounds. She says nobody will know me. And if i'm honest, this virgin is more than tempted -- I'm excited. What’s an army brat to do with two handsome soldiers?obey orders? do exactly what i'm told? even if the orders are harder and hotter than even my wildest fantasies?Liberty Jane I may be an Army brat, but as the Colonel’s daughter, but I have a secret plan to get out on my own -- if I can only manage to get that last $800

Enter mona, my best friend. Enjoy! I just never thought that it would be this dangerous. Until the two most handsome soldiers I've ever seen step in to protect me. You won't find any of that in Twin Tempt. And when the club owner wants libby to do more than just dance and drags her to the back room to negotiate new terms, we aren’t having it.

Twin Tempt: An MFM Menage Military Romance - But now we're charged with protecting her. We can’t risk releasing her, and once we are in such close quarters, We can't resist her innocent body.

Double Dirty Trouble: An MFM Menage Romance

- Gorgeous. Karin should be off limits. Only she has the kind of figures we can’t resist. But when she wants to play too, there’s no turning back. There’s going to be a return on our investment. Our business is about to take off, even if we have to break all the board room rules. Double dirty Trouble is a super steamy menage office romance.

There are mf and MFM scenes in this book. We’re in the business of complete satisfactionKarinI’m supposed to be successful and accomplished. Instead, i have an MBA and more debt than I can count. I'm willing to do whatever it takes—even play dumb to get out of this hole. Desperate doesn’t begin to cover it.

Double Dirty Trouble: An MFM Menage Romance - So when the city’s hottest and richest bachelors want me…How can I turn them down?Did I mention there are two of them?Lawson/NateWe posted an ad for an assistant. We aren’t expecting temptation to walk through the door. Innocent. Perfect. It has a hea and NO Cliffhanger. **.

One Bride for Four Ranchers: A Reverse Harem Romance

- Four rugged rancher brothers, and they all want me. A crazy one-night stand with a cowboy is leading to so much more. Little did i know he'd have three brothers!Each one is more gorgeous than the last. Plus, they're willing to share. My boss sent me to get a story. But he'd be shocked to find out the real story.

The triplets are identical in every way. Except. The eldest is strong with a secret soft heart, While the shy one is very giving exactly where it counts. The one who got me pregnant? A rogue playboy. And their youngest brother is surprisingly dominant. I'll do my best to wrangle them all. But when they find out i'm pregnant and someone is out to get all of us, The story I'm after gets very real.

One Bride for Four Ranchers: A Reverse Harem Romance - This is a steamy standalone 56, 000 word novel with a HEA, and no cheating! .

Double Brother Trouble: A Rancher MFM Menage Stonecreek Valley

- Ride our saddles. We’ll keep you up all night. Clairemy ridiculous boss has sent me to the middle of nowhere. I thought this ranch was a spa, but it's not. I'm roughing it when I should be soaking in luxury. Can you say sweaty cowboys and wild stallions ready to ride?I'm supposed to work on a travel article, but I'm too distracted.

Distracted by chiseled muscle men who want to give me my wildest fantasy. Together. How does a girl say no to that?Nash/CalebWhen Claire rides onto the ranch we know she's uptight. She just needs a little roping and riding to relax. Only we didn't plan on both falling for her. Things can get out of hand in the wild west, and with a beautiful smart reporter on the land, we discover there is new frontier that needs to be tamed.

Double Brother Trouble: A Rancher MFM Menage Stonecreek Valley - We're going to teach her that a roll in the hay is only the beginning. She might be a city girl, but by the time she leaves the ranch. She'll earn her cowgirl boots. Double brother trouble is a MFM menage romance with MF and MFM scenes.

Double Daddy Trouble: A Groomsman Menage

- There is no cheating, NO cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA with plenty of steam. This is a wild ride. **. She can have her cake and eat it too lilythe first time I lay eyes on those hot delicious groomsmen in my best friend’s wedding, I can’t think about anything else. Only, i don’t expect to face them again, and definitely not as a pawn in my uncle’s business deals.

Now he wants to barter me to pay his debt. I know i shouldn’t fall for them, but I want to be theirs. And they’ve promised to give me the one thing I want—a baby. Sawyer/JackBillionaires. If you like alpha males, then you’re in for double the treat with this over-the-top billionaire groomsmen tale of filthy epic proportion.

Double Daddy Trouble: A Groomsman Menage - Bachelors and now Groomsmen?We are in one wedding after another. But everything changes the night Lily Francini walks in our offices. She has a debt to pay, but we have something else in mind. We’ll give her everything she’s ever wanted if she’s willing to be ours. Neither of us expected Lily to have her own demands.

She wants a baby, and we’re just the men to give her one. Maybe the next wedding we attend will be a different happily ever after.

Smoke and Fire: A MFM Firefighter Romance Surrender to Them Book 1

Kelli Callahan Books - We saved her. Now she belongs to us. And we'll do anything to keep her. It started with a huge mistake. Just when i thought I was going to die, they pulled me from the flames. But they don't want to let me go. What will they do when the embers reveal my darkest secrets, my hidden desires, and the past I tried so desperately to escape?

Chasing Her Curves: Reverse Harem Romance Haremworld Book 7

Kelli Callahan Books - It had been six years since he said goodbye. His return wasn't happenstance. He wanted to pick up where we left off. In the shadows, a beast roared. Devlin. A man from my past. My darkest desire. The one that got away. If only i was describing one man instead of three. My love life wasn't complicated. It was nonexistent.

Then I saw him. Nate. My darkest fantasy brought to life. He came to claim me. I dreamed of that moment, yet I never thought it would happen. It was hard enough to choose between them before my past collided with the present. Connor. Our relationship ended in a whimper. But he came back with a bang. He needed me and I didn't know how to turn my back on him.

Chasing Her Curves: Reverse Harem Romance Haremworld Book 7 - Somewhere in the midst of chaos, the answer showed itself. The four of us needed each other. It was the only way to survive. Is it possible to love three men unconditionally?

Double Mountain Trouble: A MFM Menage Romance

- If you like alpha males, then you’re in for double the treat with this over-the-top mountain tale of filthy epic proportion. **. Climb our peaks. We’ll keep you warm all night. Not ever. Double mountain trouble is a full-length MFM menage romance with MF and MFM scenes. There is no cheating, NO cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA with plenty of steam.

Not now. Brookemy stupid cousin lost a bet, and I’m the payment. For the next two months i have to live with Denver’s most eligible bachelors in their remote cabin far from reality. Can you say bulging biceps and hard wood?I’m not supposed to notice how gorgeous they are, but I can’t help it. I want to be theirs in every way.

Double Mountain Trouble: A MFM Menage Romance - I can’t stay away from the temptation, or their offer to give me every fantasy I’ve ever had, even though I know it should be the last thing I do. Tyler/leeit was a remote lonely cabin until Brooke lands on our doorstep. Isolated with no distractions there’s nothing to do, but her. Once we have a taste of her, we want to share more than one night in a blizzard.

We’ll make her come through snow and sun. Just because we’re mountain men now full of primal need, doesn’t mean we’ll break our word.

Club Infinite Fantasy: Reverse Harem Romance Haremworld Book 6

Kelli Callahan Books - It was a journey. Four special men, four parts that could make me whole. Jedrek, a hot-as-sin bad boy that used to ride with the Devil's Favorite Sons MC. Thorne, a face I knew from television. Everyone called him Dr. Hot. Robby, a former quarterback that was struggling with a heart as broken as mine. Quintin, my boss.

How is he going to help make me whole?My journey takes off before I even realize what is happening. All four of them want to protect me and heal my tortured soul. Then chaos comes crashing down on our fantasy. Secrets from the past can't be forgotten forever. They threaten everything. Can we band together and save the harem we've built?Or will it all be over before it begins?I'm not ready to give up, and my journey won't be complete until forever belongs to us.

Club Infinite Fantasy: Reverse Harem Romance Haremworld Book 6 - He sent me to Club Infinite Fantasy. I had no idea what was waiting on me at Club Infinite Fantasy. I was nursing a broken heart and I had given up on love. But angelina said she could show me how to get past it. She had a special fantasy in mind for me that would change everything.

Cuffed to my Roomies

- My heroes wear blue… or nothing at all. Should i be a good girl and end this charade?Good cop or bad cop?If you ask me - bad is so much better. All alone on the side of the road. Then, two gorgeous cops come to my rescue. It's my first night in the city and everything goes wrong. I'm left to crash the night in my car.

Derek the sexy flirt. Next thing i know, I've got the two hottest roommates ever. Oh my!my actions leave no alibi. And my love life is ruined. Because one night with these two makes it impossible want anything less. Brett the quiet and intense protector. Sparks fly and we can no longer control our deepest, darkest desires.

Cuffed to my Roomies - Handcuffs, batton sticks.

A Military Reverse Harem Romance - Quadruple Duty

- The ultimate fantasy becomes heart-pounding reality as Sammara is taken into each of their beds - and hearts - one by one, two on one. Long term only. The ad was ridiculous. Wife material. And the four brothers-in-arms have a puzzling secret all their own. Needed: community girlfriend for 4 Army Ranger Specialists at incredible lakehouse estate.

And more. Can sammara succeed in fulfilling her role to each of her beautiful new boyfriends; that of friend, stand-alone reverse harem military romance filled with humor, pulse-pounding excitement, drama, and so much more? Or will sinister unknown forces crush their budding 5-way relationship before it can even begin?QUADRUPLE DUTY is a sexy, lover, and enormous amounts of love.

Yet when she falls in love with the beautiful mansion as well as the three other handsome Rangers who live there? The idea of being shared between them as their girlfriend doesn't seem so outrageous anymore. Kyle is the charming, sculpted epitome of the perfect man. Ryan is the brooding, dark and enigmatic, motorcycle-riding bad boy who shares Sammara's lonely past, and Briggs is the mysterious alpha mercenary, with wounds only a lover could heal.

A Military Reverse Harem Romance - Quadruple Duty - Yet satisfying the physical and emotional needs of four strapping, powerful soldiers is not without its share of problems. It also contains sizzling hot mfmmm menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes so molten they're bound to melt your kindle! HEA guaranteed. Sharing the same woman, mind, body, and soul.